The whole aspect of the game switches on a lightbulb that makes me wonder about real life situations and people.

Organ Donors Save Lives

Learn more about organ donation. There are over 112,000 people waiting for a life saving organ transplant. One donor can save the life of up to 8 people through organ donation, and improve the quality of life of up to 50 people with tissue donation.

Join the Registry Now!

Join the organ and tissue donor registry and make a Pledge for Life today. Click the button to go to a map of the US to find the official registry for your state.

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Learn more about the game; see screenshots and pick up some tricks to help you run the best hospital!

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  • I think playing games would help people understand about how important an organ donor is to save a life. Also, they will have a way to check the box (to become an organ donor at state registry site).

    -- Marge
  • Learning more about organ donation adds a realistic twist to the game. Makes it more meaningful.

    -- Chris
  • This game makes you realize it’s happening now. Lives are saved and lost every minute.

    -- Dave